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No natural audio from speaker

2020-10-17, 9:44 AM

The audio on my phone from its speaker has stopped working for apps. The start up "hello moto" sound still played as well as a an alarm for a 10 second timer that i used to test it, however i get no audio from the speakers from any apps like youtube, tiktok or any music apps.


All audio still plays through headphones.

I think my phone believes that there are still headphones plugged in when they aren't, as downloading an app to toggle the audio manually has allowed the speakers to play audio, so i know the issue is not with the speakers themselves. although having to change manually each time is annoying as the app has some delay in toggling the audio over.


There was no significant impact, or any water nearby around when this started as the audio just stopped, so i dont see what in my environement could have caused it and am thus hoping it could be a software issue that can have some simple fix.


I have tried restarting in safe mode but that did not help. The inital start up audio was heard but no audio from apps, just like when intially launched not in safe mode.


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Re:No natural audio from speaker

2020-10-17, 10:31 AM

Had that happen many times over the years on phones, music players etc.

Try thorough clean of the headphones cable jack with pure alcohol (IPA or rubbing alcohol), shake it then while slight residue left insert and remove in phone a few times.

If pure alcohol it will quickly evaporate so no risk - just don't inhale it or lick it!

Worth a try.

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