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Verizon G7 Power sometimes doesn't reconnect to bluetooth devices

Is there any way to fix this problem where my G7 Power is just randomly forgetting how to reconnect to bluetooth devices that it has used before? I can't even get it to reconnect if I go into settings and push connect.


But then I reboot the phone and it connects no problem.


There's really no pattern to it either. Sometimes I'll be using it with my Clarion stereo in my car, and then I'll turn the stereo power off for like 2 seconds and back on and it won't even reconnect like it's supposed to.


It's kind of inconvenient to reboot my phone when I want bluetooth half the time. I've tried turning adaptive battery off, and it doesn't seem to make a difference. I've also reset bluetooth and network settings in settings and re-paired everything a couple times but that doesn't fix it either.



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Re: Verizon G7 Power sometimes doesn't reconnect to bluetooth devices

I don't think this problem is carrier dependent. I have the same issues (everything you've described above) with my Moto G7 Power from T-mobile.

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