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Moto G8 Play vs Moto G8 Plus. Why does a cheaper model offer better camera features? What is the logic of this?

2020-04-15, 15:03 PM

As I am a photography enthusiast, I attach great importance to the set of cameras, as well as the features available. I ended up deciding to buy the Moto G8 Plus because I have a friend who owns a Moto G8 Play, and his device allows you to capture long exposures of up to 16s.


I thought, if the Moto G8 Play has this level of manual settings, then the Moto G8 Plus, which costs US$ 114 more, must have superior functionality. He should probably make exposures of up to 32 seconds.


I was sure that this time I would buy a Motorola, because I can no longer stand the limitations that Samsung insists on placing on smartphone cameras.


But the expectation and the reality are quite different.


And after the purchase of the product, behold, the reality comes to the fore.


Of all that bunch of useless rear sensors, it is simply disappointing to find that only one can be used for photographs. Manual settings are more limited than the Moto G8 Play. Which doesn't make any sense! Does the Moto G8 Play allow exposures of up to 16 seconds on the rear main camera, and Moto G8 Plus only 1/3s? Motorola please, I need a logical explanation for this. And there is the problem of the false "48 MP" sensor, which only takes 12 MP photos. Here in my country, false advertising is a crime! If Motorola announces a device with a 48 MP camera, the 48 MP must be available for use! I could sue Motorola and demand compensation for material damage, pursuant to Article 37 of the Consumer Protection Code, which alleges that any type of information or communication of an advertising nature, wholly or partially false, or, for any other reason, is misleading. so, even by omission, be able to mislead the consumer regarding the nature, characteristics, quality, quantity, properties, origin, price and any other data about products and services.


But even though it is my right, I prefer not to, due to all the stress involved.


As I am still on the return deadline, I will return the product and request a refund.


I'll never buy Motorola again!


I'm just sharing my dissatisfaction. It serves for you to be ashamed in the face and stop trying to deceive the consumer. Reflect on the practices of limiting or reducing the features and functionality of more expensive devices, compared to cheaper models, or models from previous generations.


Here in my country, Motorola has fallen a lot in sales compared to previous years. Perhaps because you only make mistakes and do not pay attention to customer orders. Like me, others will also stop buying. Higher prices every day. Smaller features and functionalities every day.


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Re:Moto G8 Play vs Moto G8 Plus. Why does a cheaper model offer better camera features? What is the logic of this?

2020-04-15, 15:19 PM
pixel binning; as you have already found out. Came as quite a shock for me too. Why they can't make this & other things clear in Advertising is the World we live in. I know quite a few on Amazon UK are a bit p.... d about it, along with the so called Duel SIM. Not to mention the non existence of Updates.

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Re:Moto G8 Play vs Moto G8 Plus. Why does a cheaper model offer better camera features? What is the logic of this?

2020-04-15, 21:25 PM

Back when you were in university, remember those folks the science and math nerds despised? You know, the ones who were 

going to overthrow the business advertising world with their new marketing concepts?  Well, they have arrived among us. 

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