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Is there a way to separate notification and ring volume?

2020-10-23, 22:14 PM

On my Samsung Galaxy S7 there were independent volume controls for notifications and ring.  On my Moto G8 Power the volume slider for Ring seems to be what also controls the notifications with no option to separate the two.  If I need my phone to ring, loudly, such as when I'm on a site, that makes alerts from other apps like Telegram deafening and have to be muted separately from within that app instead of just turning notifications to vibrate/low volume while leaving ring volume turned up.


Am I just missing a switch, or is this not actually possible on the G8?  If not possible, can I throw an upgrade request in to the devs for a future firmware?   

To anyone else who's noticed this, if there is no in-system fix I'm just missing, any recommendations for a third-party app that works well that adds this functionality?


(And if you're passing a note on to the devs, can we add a slider to "breathe" the Peek display so we have some sort of repeating visual notification since there is no front LED?  It's great that you wanted to save battery life and all, but you've got daaaays of juice to spare here.  Give us the option to sacrifice a few of those precious mAhs to be able to glance at a phone on our desk to see if a notification came in without having to poke the thing...) 




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Re:Is there a way to separate notification and ring volume?

2020-10-23, 23:09 PM

I believe it was back in Android Kit Kat that independent volume control for notifications was dropped. Some OEMs add huge amounts of UI layers to Android which can include volume control for notification tones. Motorola phones are still very close to stock Android hence their popularity.


The best solution is to find - or create - a notification tone that will work for you even at full volume. There are apps that can provide volume control for notifications but they usually require a lot of permissions including special system app status which is not a good idea.


As for Peek display, your phone has tap to wake?

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