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Security update septembre and octobre

Hi there,


since the Action is a Android One Phone i would expect that the septembre update would aready be available.


The octobre update is a very important one as there is a big security-hole found in Android:


Can you tell me when i can expect the septembre update and when you think the very important octobre update will be available.


I also have a Nokia Plus 7 and both security updates are already installed Smiley Happy


Thanks for your reaction!



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Re: Security update septembre and octobre

The article lists the Moto Z3 as being a potentially vulnerable model only because there is no patch available from the Google/Android team.yet.  You could ask Tom Brewster at Forbes whenhe thinks Android baselined code updates will become available to all of the named phone manufacturers.  Or you could try to decide if you would be a likely target of NSO Group or their customers.  But nobody here on the forums can give you a rollout date. 

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Re: Security update septembre and octobre

October update arrived for me yesterday 15/10


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