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Battery Life Decreased.

Facing battery issue with  moto one power since few days. 

Moto one power. Vodafone India. Moderate user. 

I usually full charge my phone, once in 2 days when battery percentage between 15 to 30. 

I observed some battery drain with respect to time.

1 - Full charged. Battery drain 100% to 77% in 9hours. 

2 - Full charged. Battery drain 100% to 85% in 5hours. 

3 - Full charged. Battery drain 100% to 59% in 20hours.

4- Full charged. Battery drain 100% to 37% in 31hours.

This seems weird & disappointing. 

These all datas are for single charged for 3times.

Earlier I didnt noticed this kind of battery drain. 

I felt something is wrong, I might be wrong. 

IMEI updated & screeonshots has been attached.






Motorola Admin Motorola Admin
Motorola Admin
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Re: Battery Life Decreased.

I see you correctly posted on the thread already dedicated to this topic. Locking this one.


- Matt

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