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Battery life question? Apps weird? See here!



For many, if not most issues, we need your help to investigate, You can make things a lot easier by keeping your profile up to date. 


Here's what will help a whole lot:

  1. Please update your profile with current phone, carrier and serial number -- this will help us investigate things.
  2. Please make sure that the options on your phone under Settings > Motorola Privacy are on as well.
  3. If you do ask for help, let us know on your request that it's okay for us to look at your apps to see if they are a source of problems.

Just do this now and save us a lot of time and repetition!


Also, regarding battery life in particular. In general, we don't care about an individual app or function appearing to consume a high percentage of your battery. What we DO care about is if you are getting the battery life we say you should get. If you are not, we will be happy to investigate if we have the steps above ^^^ cared for. So if you are posting about battery life, be sure to say how much time you're getting from a charge. It also would be great to post a screenshot of your battery life screen showing the top apps that are draining power.




- Matt

  forums manager


PS. Need help updating your profile? See here

Please do not PM me - if you have issues, search the forums for threads on your topic and post there, or start a new thread. Thanks!
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