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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Mic issues while shooting a video

The Mic was terrible while recording videos, the audio is distorting. This was shot in crowd at sunburn, just hear how the music is distorted as the bass drops. No screen guard was applied or back case was applied during the time of shot. Moto is degrading its devices by using cheap quality hardware which is not upto its stardards what the users expects. And i was really disappointed by the audio. There is one thing i've found out that the audio recording is bad while using the stock android camera app, while recording the videos in snapchat gives somewhat an average quality audio. FIX THIS ISSUE ASAP or i'm going to change the device for good sake. "NOT UPTO STANDARDS MOTO!!!"

Paper Tape
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Re: Mic issues while shooting a video


I am facing the same problem. Just bought the phone a week back and I was trying to record some of my music videos in a closed room with no surrounding sound with just me singing with guitar. After the recording I played the video and alas! It sounded so horrible and distorted. I went to motorola service centre yesterday, the technician there understood my problem and updated the software but still the problem is not resolved. He said he can't help anymore.

However, the audio is coming out to be great if i am recording it with B612 camera app. It means that its not a hardware issue, its just a software glitch which can be solved by an update.


Please Motorola do it fast! I trust you so much, please help me maintain that trust.



Punch Card
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Re: Mic issues while shooting a video

Hello Matt,


I believe you are now convinced that the issue is grnugenand the reason provided eariearis irrelevant.


Can this be resolved on prootipr, please?



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