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Fanfold Paper
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Where is the slow motion video option in moto one power?

There is no slow motion option for moto one power, even moto g4+ has the option. Then why dont you give it in one power a 15k phone? .why are you suggesting to use 3rd party apps? Then plz suggest a better app for slowmo recording. I am wondering about your team!. Moto actions are limited to 2 options in one pwr. Why guys you doesn't care about what customer want?.If you guys like this how the customers can suggest moto mobiles to our frnds? We pay you 15k,we expect so much from you moto team. But you even doesnt care about us. 

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Where is the slow motion video option in moto one power?

Hi JEFIN1996,


Please do not start new threads before searching for existing threads on the same topic. It causes clutter on the site and makes it harder for us to follow an issue. There is already a long discussion on this here, so please post there.
Locking this thread.




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