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What's DOS?
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Re: Motorola One Power Instant Lock

Hello sir, i have been using motorola one power since the last one week. Its a great smartphone but we would expect a facelock and a improved camera update in the future updates to Android PIE. Thank you.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Motorola One Power (Pros & Cons)

Sir Moto one power doesn't provide fingerprint sensor to capture photos. So if u fix this we will be grateful.


Punch Card
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Native video call

Please add video call option in dialer.

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Motorola one power issues fix via update

Recently I bought Moto one power it is a pretty good phone but it lakes some features such as

  • Slow motion
  • Panaroma
  • Most of the Moto actions (like Moto attentive display,etc)
  • Face unlock 
  • Notch hiding option
  • Front camera zoom

These features are not found in the phone can please Moto provide an update to intigrate these features in Moto one power these feature make the phone more better so please provide an update.

Paper Tape
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Re: Motorola one power issues

There is no led notification in the moto power one. Hope we will be able to get it in the update along with camera features like slow motion, bokeh mode and panorama.

Vinoba Pop
Fanfold Paper
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Finger print

I have one more issue with device camera there is no options in camera for clikck my pictures with the finger print.Previously i use lenovo k8 plus and its finger print support for selfies.I think that is a major issue i just want to know can moto solve this problem in future updates.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Motorola one power issues fix via update

Dear Motorola, I Have the Same issues, Which They Mentioned On This Page & Time Lapse Video Too. Can You tell Us Exact, When This Issues Are Going To Solve. Because We Purchased Motorola One Power Device with Good Hope and As You Shown On The Advertisemnt Of This Device. I never expected To The Motorola, that Kind Of Lacking Into There Most Popular Device. This Time You Disappoint Us. Never Expecting From You.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: problems to be fixed on moto one power

Please add one more issue that is voice calls are not possible using jio SIM


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10 problems in Moto One Power

I found following issues in Moto One Power that can solved by software update-


1. Fast responsive Fingerprint Sensor.
2. Face Unlock.
3. Dual Volte 4G.
4. EIS support in Video Recording.
5. Object focusing and Better edge detection in Portrait Mode.
6. Sharpness and Details in Both Rear and Front Camera.
7. Noiseless image in Low Light Camera Performance.
8. Option to hide Notch.
9. Direct Video Call option.

10. Full view in youtube streaming.

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Moto actions for Moto one power

Moto has provided only two simple actions to Moto one power we need more Moto actions like

  • Hand wave to wake
  • Moto voice 
  • Double tap to wake 
  • Slide three fingers to take screen shot
  • Etc

I request Moto to provide these actions to Moto one power in the future update



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