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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Android 10 for Motorola One Vision

Samsung have Android 10 already. Why we still waiting. What about Android one program?
Punch Card
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Re: Android 10 for Motorola One Vision

That's for S10 which is their flagship device. Not really comparable to One Vision imo.
When it comes to android one devices I believe there's only one model that have been updated so far, and that's the Nokia 8.1.
Other then that I guess it's just flagship models that got updated so far. but it's actually not that many. And some of them have issues so that many users want to roll back to pie.

Sure I want Android 10 on One Vision as well but I'd rather wait an extra month if that's what it takes to get a more stable release instead of some rushed work with annoying bugs, which I'm sure we will have anyway, just like on other already updated devices.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Android 10 for Motorola One Vision

If people want Android Q quickly, then enroll in the MFN program. And other thing people seem to forget is that this AndroidOne phone is using Exynos CPU, which isn't common, well, moto one vision is first phone that uses Smaung SoC, so it's better to just wait few more weeks for final bug fixes and such to have a better experience.


Moto dev team isn't robots, so we can't expect miracles in terms of OTA release dates. And last thing, which might be also discutable, there are **bleep** ton of new moto one phones. So, there's that..

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