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Android One Action Bluetooth Issues

2020-02-21, 4:57 AM

Recently, I upgraded from a Motorola X4 to the Motorola Action One. The X4 is a great phone but I kept running out of room. Other than balance, the Action is a good phone. That is, except for the Bluetooth connections. 

I pair a set of Galaxy buds and a versa 2. Both worked flawlessly with the X4. I end up on planes frequently and I'm noticing that while watching videos or listening to music while in airplane mode, if I lock the screen with video up (Netflix or Prime) when I come back, both the buds and the versa have lost connection. The first time I reset the network and Bluetooth settings. The second time a week later, I had to delete the previous connections and re pair. Restarting the phone made no difference. 

Checking the forums, I see this is an issue reported for various phones, but I don't see permamnet fixes. I've updated to the latest versions available to me for apps and phone and devices as of last weekend. Still getting the issue. 

Has anyone found a solution that fixes it and makes it stable? It's as if it loses or corrupts the pairing information on the phone side. 

Any help appreciated before I return the phone. 



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