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Re: Signal problem Moto One Vision

@CM17X wrote:

Hi Matt. I'm having the same exact problem, and seems it's pretty random is hard to get my mobile carrier (Avantel, Colombia) to resolve the issue. My SIM Card seems to work pretty well on my wife's phone,which is a Motorola G5, but with my one vision i have tons of signals problems, for example, calls not reaching me or not being placed, long wait time before it placed a call (when it does it) or messages through phone data, even wifi, take long time to be sent (whatsapp, texts, etc).


Now that i'm in here and in order to not make another post, how i am supposed to use 2 SIM Cards and one SD card with this tray supplied by the phone? The software in the phone tells me it's a dual SIM version, but cards just won't fit. Attached is a picture of my SIM card and SD Card tray.


Thanks for your help


IMG_20190831_150515662 (1).jpg



That SIM tray can be confusing, but the SD card and the SIM overlap -- you can see that there is extra room there under the SIM for one end of the SD card. Then the other SIM goes in the separate slot.


What kinds of troubleshooting have you tried with the signal issue? Are you hot-swapping the cards (changing while the phone is on) or doing it when the phone is off and restarting? You may also need a new/different card for this phone.


It is very difficult, as you suggest, to troubleshoot these things when they are random and infrequent. But we can work on it.


- Matt

Please do not PM me - if you have issues, search the forums for threads on your topic and post there, or start a new thread. Thanks!
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Re: Signal problem Moto One Vision

I have my Motorola One Vision for about 2 weeks now and have permanent dropped calls. In the beginning I thought I am ending the calls by accidents touching the screen (bad proximity sensor) with my cheek but I could reproduce this issue using a headset. Reception is pretty good at my home and as well as my work place but I have disconnects about every ~10 min during longer calls. Switched SIM cards already (have a second one for more data) - same problem.

I have also realized that Wifi strength is weak and has a lot of disconnects during the day but that doesn't bother me as much as the dropped calls. Another issue is that if you are in a area with bad reception (only H+ or 3G) the signal doesnt recover back to 4G/LTE when back until you reboot the phone (airplane mode or mob data off/on doesn't help).
I was pretty exited with this phone because it fits all my needs: screen, pic quality, price, android one, etc. but I am not so sure anymore and would like to understand if it's just some phones or the whole series with these problems.

I am happy to provide debug infos if needed.




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Re: Signal problem Moto One Vision

I've just bought the Motorola One Vision and have dreadful signal issues. Previous phone was a Nokia 7 Plus with no issues.


Will not hold a signal, even in high strength areas, and if you travel, it drops the data and won't reconnect until you reboot through TOTO or airplane mode.


Phone sometimes disconnects during calls, after 5-10 mins, but mostly it's the data and reception issue.


New SIM makes no difference.

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Re: Signal problem Moto One Vision

I'm also having this problem. The phone is fine on WiFi but using mobile data makes the phone very unusable!  If a fix isn't available soon I will have to return the phone as faulty. 

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Re: Signal problem Moto One Vision

If I force the phone to use 4G only by entering *#*#4636#*#* into the dialer then I get a stable 4G data connection but I'm unable to make calls.
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