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Camera software / quality question

2019-09-08, 6:32 AM

A hands on review posted by Digital Trends says the following about the Motorola One Zoom:


Motorola said not to expect the same exact image quality as the camera on the One Vision, which is technically the same, but has software improvements will likely deliver better photos.



I wonder if someone from Motorola could actually comment on this?


  • If you use the same sensor, why would you create a different software for it in the different phones?
  • Why would you NOT update the more expensive phone's software (One Zoom) with the updates from the cheaper model (One Vision) if they increase the image quality?
  • Creating artificial functionality gaps like this is usually used to prevent the cheaper model from having the same features as the more expensive ones, not the other way around. So the cheaper One would not to cannibalize sales of the more expensive one. Doing this in the opposite direction, where the cheaper model gets the better features just makes no sense at all to me. What is the message then? You want better photos, buy the cheaper one? 


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Re: Camera software / quality question

2019-09-08, 12:51 PM

Maybe the one zoom will get an update in the future. Maybe there are changes in storage or other chipsets in hardware and pricing has come done, so a newer phone benefits from cheaper material cost.


We will have to speculate on answer as this kind of question is usually not answered in the forums. 

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Re: Camera software / quality question

2019-09-08, 16:34 PM

I remember when i had my first Moto X4 in 2017 september - before the official launch the camera software is not so good. After the launch there was a bigger update to fix some issues and ad some new functions.


To tell the truth i dont use the moto camera app in my moto phones because is not so reliable. In 2018 august with the Z2 Force original moto camera app i had better photos than the gcam ports. After 1 year - this summer - when i test the Pixel 3a, i compared with the Z2 Force original and gcam apps. Here are the photos: Gallery - the moto camera app was worse than 1 year before :smileysad:


Sometimes i think they unable to make a good camera app. But, because the Zoom has Snapdragon chipset the gcam ports will be good, especially the similarity of the cameras to the OP 7 Pro.


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Re: Camera software / quality question

2019-09-26, 7:31 AM
I think there is some confusion. I watched the video in Youtube (from digital trends). What he meant was not to expect the same image quality because the One Zoom has software improvements and will likely deliver better photos.

Please note that same camera hardware is not equal to same image quality.

The reason: SOC aka processor.
Motorola One Zoom is using SD675 while the One Vision, Exynos 9609.

Assuming the camera processing is the same..they still have different Camera ISPs because of different processors. Meaning, it WILL deliver different results.

Even Samsung's flagship have this issue with the SD855 vs Exynos 9820. You can check anandtech for reference.

My concern actually isn't really SD vs Exynos but more of utilizing the processor for images. If installing Gcam can solve Motorola's "decent" image quality to "excellent", why not improve their stock camera in the first place? I'm sure they are capable of that but is it due to laziness?

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Re: Camera software / quality question

2019-09-30, 18:13 PM

Night Shots arent really good. So much grain/noise. i hope motorola could do some more fixes


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Re: Camera software / quality question

2019-10-09, 4:49 AM
night shot needs a steady hand, that goes for all phones. some doing a Better job than others. use both hands or a tripod
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Re: Camera software / quality question

2019-10-14, 11:59 AM

My wife has a One Vision, the camera quality is better then One Zoom.


It's software problem or hardware too? 






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Re: Camera software / quality question

2019-10-14, 12:35 PM

Sounds like it's a software problem, because they probably have very similar cameras.  But most One Zooms haven't received a single update yet, so maybe the One Vision is just a bit ahead of the game on that front.

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