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Power Cord or power cord holder not working

2009-01-04, 5:01 AM

I thought my power cord on my notebook wasn't working. I would have to push and hold the cord in hard in order for it to charge the computer. I went and bought a new power cord and now it doesn't even charge the computer. The cord works because the green light on the cord box lights up when I plug it in. But it does not charge my computer. So now I am wondering if it is my laptop that is the issue and what I am supposed to do now? Has anyone else dealt with this? Any suggestions?


Anything is appreciated, thank you! 


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Re: Power Cord or power cord holder not working

2009-01-04, 9:19 AM
Some clarifications and a couple of questions:

- when you say "power cord", that can mean either the (detachable) wire from the AC outlet in the wall to the power supply (aka, AC adapter) or the wire from the power supply to the laptop (which is permanently attached)
- was the "new power cord" you bought the entire power supply with AC cord?
- I'm assuming that when you say the power supply doesn't charge your computer, it also doesn't operate it if the battery is removed, correct?
- the green light on the power supply simply means that it is receiving AC power from the wall outlet. It does not mean that the appropriate voltage is getting out to the end of the cord which plugs into the laptop (aka, DC plug). And now that I think about it, the only factory power supply that I've seen that has a green light built in are the universal AC/DC adapters. This begs the question: is there an FRU number on the supply?

To determine if the power supply is providing the correct DC voltage, you would need to connect a voltmeter to the DC plug. Depending upon the type of system you have, it would either be 16V or 20V. Since you've tried at least two different power supplies and they both don't work, then I can assume that the laptop has some sort of power problem. It could be as simple as a loose DC jack or a problem with the motherboard.
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Re: Power Cord or power cord holder not working

2011-02-15, 20:45 PM
Umm...I am having exact same issue? I was working on my laptop when suddennly ift srarted typing and said it needs to be charged, yet it already had been plugged in. Then it just died on me? Please help, don't know what to do? Do i go and buy new chord. I must be able to get back on asap!! Thank you and i really hope u can help me. Sincerely, Emily

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Re: Power Cord or power cord holder not working

2011-02-17, 10:05 AM

Hi and welcome to the forum Emily!

Which ThinkPad are you using? There is sticker on the back side bearing a number that resembles 2668-KHU, please share that with us.

Keep us posted.


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Re: Power Cord or power cord holder not working

2011-03-08, 14:48 PM
Make sure it has a "mickey mouse" style connector going to a standard 3-prong NEMA plug
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