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Paper Tape
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Cannot enable 64-bit (VTx) virtualization in BIOS of my ThinkPad Edge E520



I am running into trouble trying to access any menu option in the BIOS for my E520 to enable 64-bit virtualization (both VMware and VirtualBox) and therefore I cannot install 64-bit guests on my Windows 7 Professional host machine.


The BIOS I am currently running is the one the machine was shipped with (8HET38WW 1.20 9/9/2011 - though Lenovo online documentation lists a date a couple weeks later, but whatever) and reading through the BIOS updates released since then I see no option being added that addresses enabling 64-bit virtualization to justify an update of my BIOS (which I'd rather do as a last resort as everything else runs just fine).


Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions as to how I might enable 64-bit virtualization on my ThinkPad Edge E520?


Any help would be much appreciated.

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