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So I learned that Lenovo does not let you do sh*#& with the notebook you buy from them.


my problem is as follows: my z500 came with a broadcom wifi card. this is no good, because it is not compatible with intels wireless display. solution would be installing a intel centrino card, the n2230 in particular, for which lenovo even offers drivers on the z500 support page. i bought one of these adapters on ebay, installed it and then my laptop produced an error: this card is invalid, remove it, otherwise the laptop will not boot. bios checks the wifi adapter against a whitelist. if the adapter is not on the list, the machine does not boot. what makes it really bad is that you cant buy a regular intel centrino n2230. you have to get one branded from lenovo. 


can anyone tell me where i can get a lenovo branded n2230 wifi adapter? calling lenovo didn't help. they just said: can only sell you what was installed in your laptop when you bought it. 


has anyone sucessfully removed or augmented the z500s bios whitelist?


has anyone sucessfully rebranded an intel wifi card, so bios recognizes it as one on the whitelist? 


any help is greatly appreciated. 

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