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ThinkPad W530 Mobile Broadband Mini Card

Hi all.

I've recently buyed a ThinkPad W530 (Lenovo Model Number: N1K4JIX).

Tecnical sheet and distributor sheet say that in this model there is an "3G Open SIM" WWAN card. In fact, i've under the battery the slot for insert my 3G Telephon VODAFONE SIM.

The problem is that i not can see nothing (software or hardware switch) that can control 3G Broadband connection.

I update the notebook at Win8, with shipped Lenovo CD, i try to install ERICHSON drivers but this give me error (it's impossible initialize device).

Now, my intret is in first how i know if i really have an Mobile Broadband Mini Card installed and not only the SIM slot and, after iìm sure of this, how can i enable and use 3G connection with my laptop?

Thank very much at all,



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