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Fanfold Paper
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X230 lid cracked: material weakness - Lenovo won't repair

When I took my computer off my desk the other day in order to carry it to my work, I found out that the lid had cracked, just underneath the Lenovo brand name, so the front part of the lid comes off and I can see the screen between.


I went into my local Lenovo ThinkCenter and asked them to repair this problem, but they said this kind of damage is not covered by the warranty. I stand by it that this is a case of material weakness and it ought to be covered. The product simply doesn't correspond to what is promised. Also, I'm afraid that the crack may have caused one of the WiFi antennas to break, besides further impacting the structural integrity of the computer.


The computer had never fallen, been hit nor has any it been exposed to any kind of impact. It is also only 2 months old. Of course, this is hard to prove, but there are no other signs of damage on the exterior, which would be the case if it had indeed fallen. And this is a Thinkpad, they're supposed to be able to withstand a certain degree of impact anyway. My X200 went through some seriously rough jungle and never had any problem.


The reason I had bought another Thinkpad after my X200 - despite a below-average screen resolution and an above-average price - was their superior customer support. If my issue is not dealt with properly, if it cannot be repaired for free and within a couple of working days, this will be my last ever Lenovo. These are business machines and when you pay for 3 years of international warranty, you don't do that to be denied service at the first little occasion.




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