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Re: Lenovo Helix Touch Screen Malfunctioning

Hi from germany,


i have exacly the same problem here. I bought the identical helix system with i7 and 8gb. Sadly i have the same issues. The touchscreen started to be unresponsive and/or laggy, all over the screen. Then somehow it started to make phantomtouches on one point again and again. This phantomtouches are fighting with the stylus,trackpad and sometimes touches of my hand. Needless to say that the rate of phantomtouches is that high that you can't win the fight. 

I tried recalibration, driver updates, windowsupdates, did a rollback (2x) and reseted the whole Helix Thinkpad to the original delivery status. After doing the reset via windows the notebook rebooted and .... the phantomtouch was right on the exact same point as before. Even before i could register my pcname and so on.


Not to mention that this error accured in tablet and notebookmode. Sometimes the phantomtouches stopped, but they just returned 5minutes later.


Would love to see a solution there.

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