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What's DOS?
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Keyboard problems


I have a ThinkPad Edge E50 that suddenly, from time to time, when I'm typing the keys get wrong. Today a "d" for a while was "çñ".
- first of all I tried to search if it has any virus with Kaspersky and try to find some malware.
-All ok, then we tried to switch to an usb keyboard and after  3 or 4 days the same problem appeared
-Then we tried to rename the windows profile, that worked for two or three days and again we had the same problem.
-Last option reinstall windows and guess what after three or four days we get the same error.

It doesn't happen all the time and normally with a restart it fixes the error for a while.

Some one have any idea.


Sorry, I forgot to point that all keyboard shortcuts had been disabled and only there's one language available

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