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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Ideapad Y560P Will Not Boot. Caps Lock and Num Lock lights on.

I have a Ideapad Y560P that shut down suddenly and when we tried to turn it back on, the Caps Lock and Num Lock (on F8 key) lights go on but the computer does not start. I saw a similar thread from 2010 but there was no resolution. I assume that the two lights on at the same time at attempted start indicate some kind of "fault" condition in the computer. I have not been able to get the bios to start so that I could run diagnostics. I pulled the battery and held down power for 30 seconds, pressed start twice, put the battery back in but still won't start. I pulled memory out, trying to get a POST "beep" error but that didn't occur. I put memory back in one dimm at a time. I pulled the Hard Drive out and put it in an external enclosure and was able to extract the information to another laptop so I'm pretty sure I didn't have a hardware Hard Drive failure. Other than the one reference in this forum I haven't seen any information about this kind of, what I assume is a, hardware failure. I assume that Lenovo has some kind of guide that tells them what the lights mean. The computer was about six months out of warrenty when it failed. I called Lenovo to attempt to extend the warranty but they won't once it is out of warranty. Looking for some idea of what failed, whether it is worth getting one of Lenovo's listed companies that repair laptops to look at it and fix the problem.
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