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Lenovo Y500 WiFi Centrino N2230 dropping connections issue

Hey guys,


I just got the Lenovo Y500 a few months ago and it came with the Intel Centrino Wireless N-2230.


The WiFi on this laptop kept on disconnecting after a while of use, at first I thought it was the laptop's problem but after I got a replacement because of a depixel on my screen the problem still occurs - the WiFi is unstable sometimes and the connection just disappears. I tried this with other Wifi connections at my University and home and friend's house but it still kept on disconnecting after a while.


Can anyone please give me a solution to this problem? I've already downloaded and installed the latest drivers.


Symptoms of this problem:

1. Disconnects after a while, it shows network available but I cannot connect to them

2. Sometimes, it doesn't show any network (i.e all my WiFi connections are not visible)

3. I cannot restart my WiFi because I go into Windows 8 "Change pc settings" and it says I cannot turn off my WiFi


This problem is really bugging me because every time this happens I have to restart my laptop!


I would really appreciate your help!


Here's some screens of the problem:


Link to picture


Link to picture




Link to picture


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