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Fanfold Paper
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Y570 no power



I've owned my Y570 for almost 2 years now and it worked great the entire time! Recently, however, the laptop gets no power whatsoever. I was just playing skyrim on it yesterday and then i go to boot it up today and nothing, battery is dead, ac adapter does nothing. No lights on the front and doesn't power up. I checked my adapter and it's still at the proper voltage. I am a PC tech and have looked over the obvious things; I've removed ram and HDD, unplugged AC adapter and battery, held down power for 30 seconds multiple times etc. Still no power!


I've read other threads saying this is a known motherboard issue but I need to know from a Lenovo tech. Is this a common issue? Are there any easy fixes or do I need to spend 200$ to fix it? It's out of warranty and i've opened it several times to repair the hinges or to re-paste the cpu/gpu. It's taken a beating from my family misusing it but it was working JUST FINE up til today!!!

Please help!

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