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[FIXED!!] Lenovo Y580 Windows 8 not waking up from sleep mode

So i just upgraded my Lenovo y580 to windows 8. It came with windows 7 on it last fall, when I bought it and I decided to upgrade it to windows 8.  Everything is working fine except for when I leave my laptop too long and it goes to sleep or I put it into sleep mode.


When I try to wake it up from sleep mode the screen stays black but the keyboard and power button light up as if the laptop was on.  It will then stay in this state until I force it to shutdown.


Now hibernation works fine as well, it is just putting it into sleep mode.


I am just wondering if anyone had ran into this problem and was able to fix it.  I have seen posts all over the internet about this issue with many different laptop and systems but I could not find anything specific to my system.  Is it a windows 8 thing or is it just my laptop and how can I fix it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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