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Help with laptop screen?

I am wondering if all I need to order is a new laptop screen or if I will need anything else replaced. I'm not sure what all comes when you order a new laptop screen like if its just the outer glass or full screen assembly. I will try to give as much detail as I can. I was also wondering if anyone knows of a good site for screens that has a good reputation and pricing?

I have a Lenovo B570 Model: 1068-AFU Laptop. My son was using it and he closed the screen with a pencil (or something) laying on the keyboard. He then decided to lay his book(s) on top of it. When he opened it the next day and turned it on the screen was all messed up. The glass itself about 2" from the bottom of the screen up against the left side is a small crack that spider webs out about 1-2 inches. Around the crack the screen is black with a purple line surrounding it. Most of the upper left of the screen is white with multicolored vertical lines, the rest of the screen you can see the login screen but has horizontal lines and the whole screen is flickering like crazy. I can still move the cursor around but can only see it in the top right ⅓ of the screen where the only change is the flickering.

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