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Pairing the Ultraslim Keyboard/Mouse

I work in an educational IT setting and we provide wireless keyboards/mice to many staff for presentations etc. What we have currently are Lenovo's Wireless Ultraslim keyboard/mouse combo.


It appears that after a summer of sitting unused with a dead battery, many of the devices are no longer paired with their USB dongles. There are no buttons on the peripherals for pairing, however I have found that holding F2,F3,F4 and pressing '3' on the keyboard will pair the keyboard just fine. After more searching through the forums I came across a post regarding the mouse pairing method as well. Holding down left, middle and right click buttons while powering on the mouse should engage a "pairing mode" with the status LED flashing. I cannot get the LED to flash or the mouse to pair at all. I have replicated this issue on three different sets of keyboard and mice all with new batteries. Can anyone shed some light on how to repair the mouse!


mouse part number: 0B58509

Pairing instructions found:

Working keyboard pairing instructions:

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