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Ideapad Y500 Keys (Broken, Poor design)

Hello Lenovo Community,

I currently have a Lenovo Y500 Ideapad. I personally love the processing power of my laptop and have found it to satisfy most of my needs. The problem I seem to be having is with the quality of the keyboard. After about a month after purchase, one of my keys (the F key) seemed to have fallen off. I noticed after examining it that the plastic that holds the keys on simply snapped off (about 5mm of cheap plastic to hold the keys on). I sent it in and have recieved a whole new keyboard within a week. 3 weeks later and my S key has broken again. I do have warranty on it but it is a pain to sendit in EVERY 3 weeks to get a single key fixed. I was wondering if this was simply my bad luck or poor Lenovo keyboard design. I am considering returning my computer or scrapping it to get a new one with better quality. 

Someone let me know if it's just me that is experience this or if Lenovo has serious issues with their key design.


Angry Lenovo Customer.

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