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Registered: ‎10-24-2013
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Y510P SLI 750M unable to game in battery mode GPU=135Mhz

Hai, I'm aware the y510p has a weak battery, I'm not expecting full performance but I'm still in disbelieve that it would limit the GPU clock way down to 135MHz in battery mode.

(when I plug in the power supply, the core clock jumps from 135 MHz to 1058, and the memory clock jumps from 405 to 2499 MHz)

I also tested with just 1 GPU and getting same results.


Also tried:


- adjusted the Power Management Software (Ver. Select Performance mode. (mentioned in a few other forums)


- adjusted Maximum Processor State to 99% (In battery mode, turbo boost will not be activated so stays at 2.4ghz)


Any of other Y510p owners getting same issues? is there any workaround? or just the fact you can't do any gaming in battery mode?

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