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Registered: ‎08-02-2008
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hotkeys Alt+Ctrl+F1 - Alt+Ctrl+F5 - which pre-install application intercepts them

I used to use keys combination from Alt+Ctrl+F1 to Alt+Ctrl+F5 as hotkeys for certain application. But in my new Lenovo ThinkPad w530 with Windows 7 x64 I can not do it, as it seems, that some pre-installed software has registered these combination for itself. When I press them, absolutely nothing happens, but if I try to assign these combinations in my app, i get the error message, that they are already registered for some other application.

I've checked twice all installed applications, starting from Window 7 itself. Seems, that none of them uses these keys.

Well, I've tried than to stop virtually any software, incuding resident utilities, but this hotkyes are still busy Smiley Surprised

Is there any ideas, which piece of software pre-installed by Lenovo might reserve these combination for itself?

Or is there any way to detect, which application intercepts handling this keys?

Thanks in advance!

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