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Blue Screen Again
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X1 Carbon USB to Ethernet Adapter Issues



We are having issues with an X1 Carbon USB to Ethernet Adapter. 


We have logged multiple support calls with Lenovo, and all they do is send out new adapters. I now have 3 adapters..!!


The issue are having is that we connect the USB to ethernet adapter to the machine, and everythings works smoothly for 3-5 minutes.  It then drops the network connection and stops working. 

We have updated to the latest drivers for Windows 8, changed power management settings, tested on a Windows 7 Machine, tested on 2 different networks, and different cables and we all get the same issues.


Lenovo is hopeless in supporting this, so i am looking for other ideas from the community no how we could fix this.  We have another called logged, but guess what, they are sending me another adapter..  Ill have enough spare parts for life at this rate. 


Any thing you guys suggest that we can try, or is anyone else expericencing the same issue?


If their is any Lenovo Representitives on here, i would love a call from you to help us out.  We are a large business with over 150 laptops from lenovo, and right now, im ready to stop buying lenovo aftert all the issues we have with support on this case.



Scott Lancaster

IT Manager

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