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Bug report: Power Manager causes slow performance after resuming from hibernation

I'm using Windows 7 and multiple versions of Power Manager, including the lastest 6.63.1 on an X220.


If I hibernate the computer, when I resume, everything is very slow. For instance, it takes several seconds for a page to show after clicking a tab in Chrome, but that is just an example, almost everything is unresponsive. This occurs for about 5 - 10 min, but everything will eventually work normally. It appears to be related to high page file usage. The longer I wait to resume after hibernation, the more severe the problem seems to be upon resuming.


Disabling the Power Manger service did not correct the problem, but after uninstalling Power Manager, the problem completely dissappeared.


I have seen multiple reports of this from other people. This person links it to Power Manager, but does not give much detail.


This person also links it Power Manager, but gives a description of how he did it, which may be useful to you.


I have not reinstalled Power Manager, because the computer is unusable after hibernate. I like the program though, so it would be nice if you could address this problem.


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