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Paper Tape
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The BIG lie about the battery life of S210

I bought my unit beginning of October 2013 and have had problems with the battery ever since.

Lenovo falsely gives the battery life as up to 6 hours. A BIG lie!


The battery has never lasted more than 1 1/2 hours on regular usage ie. no internet, no videos.

I received a replacement battery this past Thursday and after testing it, found out it has the very same longevity of up to 1 1/2  hours ONLY.  VERY appalling!!

And, on top of it all,  even when the laptop is off, the battery for some reason is being consumed. When I charge it before going to bed, it shows as being 100% charged, and in the morning, it shows as 90%. How can this be?

And also, when in usage at a charging of 100% (2h 45min), after about 10-15 mins, it shows 89% (1 h 25 mins).

Again, how is this possible, Lenovo??!!


My old Ipod Touch of 2009 has a much longer battery life! It still charges to last a period of up to a week even with watching over 5 movies each lasting arond 1130 mins, and listening to music.

If anyone is considering this model, I´d seriously advise againss it - it comes with way too many nerve wreckiing negatives eg. a very, very short battery life,  and also keyboard issues.

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