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Y510P Issue after battery guage reset

So, I had the bright idea of doing a Battery guage reset half a week ago.


I beleave that the program never turned the "check/use for AC adapter on plugin" back on.  I can get the laptop to act as everything is normal, laptop running off of AC and charging the batterty; however, if the AC cord is removed from the laptop while the battery is still in it.  The computer then stops accepting the AC, and only uses the battery even when the AC has been plugged back in.


To fix it so the computer will run off of the AC again I must remove the battery, unplug the power cord from the power socket (?) and computer, wait a few minutes, plug the power back in, turn the computer on, put the battery back into the laptop.


While this works, it is rather inconvienint.  I was wondering if anyone knew a solution to this.  To me, this seems like the power managment shut off the detection/use of the AC.  But once the battery was drained, never turn this feature back on.


My guess is if I can return that variable/toggle back to the way it was, the laptop would be fixed.   If this is the case, and idea I had was to uninstall/reinstall the battery/AC adapter drivers, and then reinstall them.   Does anyone else thing this is a good idea, and if so, where should I try getting the drivers/programes before I attempt it?

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