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What's DOS?
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boot failure with external hdd

just purchased this K450 and i have a HDD dock (usb 3.0) as well as a Toshiba 3TB external backup drive (also USB 3.0)

if these are plugged in and i turn the computer on - the computer hangs at the LENOVO screen.


I did go into BIOS and set everything except the CD/DVD and the HDD as boot devices.

(SATA 1 hard drive is first, CD/DVD second)


that made no difference at all.


it is extremely irritating to have to reach behind the computer and unplug the external devices each time i either restart the computer or are starting it up from a off state.


I did see a similar complaint for another system in this forum and there was mention of a bios update to fix bug concerning usb 3.0 boot problems.

I looked and it doesn't appear that there were any bios updates for this system.


Please help - need to get this resolved

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