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Yoga Tablet 10 Wifi Very Slow

My family received two Yoga Tablet 10's today for Christmas.  I started trying to stream a movie from one of my PCs and the network couldn't keep up.  


I started doing some testing and found one tablet struggles to do better than a 2.5 Mb download.  The other is slightly better at 3.0 Mb download.  I have a Nexus 7 tablet and a Galaxy S4 sitting next to them.  They get 10+ Mb to the internet.  Ping times are all very similar.  


The networks on my PC and Yogas report a 65 Mb WiFi connection.  The Nexus and Galaxy report a 72 Mb connection.  I don't have a speed test server on my network to see what each device is fully capable of.  All I can report is what ES File Manager reports when I try to copy a large file from the PC.  The Nexus bounces between 650 and 1000 Kb/s.  The Yogas bounce between 70 and 230 Kb/s on the same file.


These Yogas are not going to cut it.  I've read something about the 8" having some issues that have been resolved by exchanging for new units.  Is that what needs to happen?  These were gifts for which I have no receipts and don't even know where they came from.  What is the solution here?  Deal with warranty support?

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