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Paper Tape
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Add extra functionality to the ALPS touchpad

Hi all,


I come from an ASUS laptop where it is basic functionality that you can edit and manage how your toucpad acts.

I am very happy with my new Z510 but am really missing this. Isn't there any options for adding these options for the ALPS touchpad? Scrybe and the like doesn't work on Lenovo touchpads :/


On my ASUS I had a lot of shortcuts through gestures on my touchpad. By clicking in the upper left corner the volume turned up, while clicking the lower left corner turned the volume down. In upper right corner it paused/played the current track (which apparently is completely missing as a shortcut on Lenovo keyboards) and tapping the lower right corner skipped to next track in iTunes. 

Additionally I had shortcuts like holding three fingers down on the touchpad opened up sticky notes and so on. 


I really REALLY really hope that someone has a solution to this as it would make Lenovo my best laptop so far. 


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