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Ideacentre K450: control fan speed

Dear Community,


I recently bought a Lenovo Ideacentre K450 and an additional SSD with that. I had to reïnstall windows to the SSD, since it was not possible doing this with the build in or included software and media i used different install media for windows 8. This however has the consequence that the factory installed utilities like Power Control Switch and so on are not installed anymore.


For me this is not really a problem, however there is one problem. All the fan's in the system seem to be running maximum speeds as if they are not controlled in any way. Is ther any software that can control fan speeds for the K450 available? I tryed speedfan, however it does monitor the speeds it does not accieve to control it.


Another solution whould be to get back the normally pre installed utilities, is there anywhere where they can be downloaded?

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