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Paper Tape
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Yoga 2 Pro trackpad cleaning tip...

This may work for others that have the same material the trackpad on the Yoga 2 Pro is made from...


I had noticed right aways that the trackpad on my Yoga 2 Pro looks oily/shiny/blotchy after a little use, and have been trying to track down a source for a vinyl or skin to protect it.  So far I haven't found much other than full device skins.


In doing so I decided to use a piece of clear packing tape to clean the trackpad and was surprised that not only does it remove dust, but it makes the trackpad look like new removing any oil/buildups on it.


Since I use the screen and a mouse now, I like that I can have the trackpad looking pristine until I find a source for a vinyl or skin to protect it.... if only they used glass instead like the mbpro...

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