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Yoga 2 Pro - Keyboard Not Working

My issue is that the keyboard of my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro disables itself intermittently in Laptop Mode. I purchased this laptop (i7 cpu, 256GB SSD, 8GB memory) from BB a week ago and get it replaced twice (3 different units) and all had the same issue.  Case of the first one I purchased was also cracked on the rear side. I powered the laptop to test it before I return it. Then I realized this keyboard issue. I was using it in laptop mode and keyboard backlight was going off by itself. First I thought it was just the backlight but keys were not functioning as well. Touchpad and Touchscreen were still functional. Time to time keyboard came back to life by itself and sometimes I needed to restart couple of times to get it work. 


Next day I went to another BB store to get it replaced (the one I burchased was the last unit in other store). So I also got the last unit in this other BB store and went to school. After my classes I realised this one had the same keyboard issue. I checked if I had latest BIOS, drivers and software and updated everything. But there was no solution. I called lenovo tech support and the guy on the phone told me that it seems like a hardware issue and suggested me to get it replaced again via BB. I didn't think that it was a hardware issue. It seemed to me like the sensors drivers or firmware were thinking that I put the yoga in tablet mode and was disableing keyboard even in laptop mode. I tried uninstalling yoga software , disabling services such as YMC and intel thermal and power management from bios etc. etc. These things seemed to lower the number of issues but still keyboard was disableing itself time to time.


I went BB again to get another one. But of course I had to find another store that have the exact same model (and of course they had only one unit). I went and get that one. Guess what? It is same. I tried everythin. Installed my own copy of Windows 8.1 Pro and didn't install any lenovo software etc. Didnt work. I recovered to factory OS still same. I called lenovo tech support again to find some help. Only thing they could recommend me was to send the laptop for repair but I can not simply live without computer (I am computer science PhD. student need it access to a computer all the time). 


I like the laptop so much and honestly I couldn't find another brand model with very high resolution screen i7 processor at least 8gb memory and 256GB ssd etc at this priice range.  So I want to be able to use it. But every other minute or hour the keyboard disables itself. With the latest unit I got moving the lid (pushing and pulling screen back and forth) seems to help sometimes. Also tilting the laptop some times works.


Is there anyone else having this kind of issues? And more importantly is there anyone who managed to solve it?

I do not want to talk to tech support again. If possible I want to get in touch with some people from Lenovo software and drivers team so that I can help them diagnose the issue and test beta software firmware they might have.


PS: Why no bios/driver update for last couple of months?

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