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Re: Thinkpad Helix 3698-6CG stylus/pen not working at all


I've been running my Helix problemless for about, what,  6 months now? I took it to the shop where I originally bought it - they had no ideas either so they sent it to lenovo - and it took for a little more than a week to get it back in prime condition. As wacom released the newest driver for the stylus a while back and after buying the wacom bamboo stylus to replace the original lenovo stylus, I have no complaints left. The pen works better than good! Only problem is that the wacom driver somehow shuts down the touch screen driver sometimes, but I made a workaround for it: a batch file for simple Human Interface Device Service restart procedure. After a quick click all works again for some amount of time. The freezing seems to happen more often when the computer is being used with the keyboard - especially when keyboard attached in tablet mode - and less when the keyboard is detached.

The intrinsic problems still persist, e.g. back plate heating,  transient silhouettes of the screen due to pixel heating and the loose joint of the tablet and keyboard. I guess I got used to them as I haven't really been paying much attention on those faults lately.

I would say the cheapest and least frustrating way would be to send the tablet to lenovo for repairs. My friend just got the same problem on his laptop (same model, bought roundabout the same time as mine) few weeks ago. Probably took it to repairs already, that's at least what I told him to do. If the control panel is missing tablet-related options and no external driver can be installed for the touch screen, you're in serious trouble: There's no DYI repair for a fried helix motherboard I know of. Mine had it's mobo changed and afterwards it was all good. Should be worth the little wait once you get it back.

Good luck dealing with the lenovo customer service,

- MS

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