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ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20A7 and WWAN (GOBI 5000) note detected

We received 2 brand new X1 Carbon (type 20A7) models and neither have been able to detect the Gobi 5000 WWAN card (Sierra Wireless EM7355, Lenovo Part# 0C52902.)


The X1 Carbon's are running the latest drivers (including BIOS update), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1- it doesn't matter: They will not detect the WWAN card in the WWAN slot. Tried 2 different WWAN cards straight out of the box from Lenovo (these happen to be the Verizon variants, I don't have any AT&T ones handy) and it's like it doesn't even exist.


Yet I can remove either Gobi 5000 card and install it into a T440s and it comes up without any issue. I've tried taking a working and activated Gobi 5000 card out of a T440s and putting it into the X1 Carbon, yet the X1 Carbon refuses to recognize the device exists in Device Manager.


I spent about an hour on the phone with Lenovo tech support who ultimately told me my question was "Out of scope" and something they would not handle. The tech even agreed with my frustration that it's listed right on the **bleep** Lenovo product site: "Mobil [sic] Broadband: Sierra Wireless 7355 - Gobi 5000" and couldn't explain why 

A) It wasn't working 


B) Why Lenovo feels a feature listed on their own marketing materials was "out of scope" for support.


She also confirmed the part number is exactly the same and the T440s and the X1 Carbon use the identical part. The tech ultimately speculated that some type of magical "system board upgrade" would need to be performed by a local shop. I called a local shop and while the guy was nice enough, he laughed outright at the "system board upgrade" idea, and only said, "You have to bring it in so I can look at it." No thoughts on some super-secret BIOS updates, or unlocking some sort of hidden feature to enable the WWAN slot. (Yes, I did make sure it was enabled under the POWER section of the BIOS...)


Has ANYBODY else had success with the Gobi 5000 WWAN card and the new X1 Carbon??


Oh, and one other complication I experienced: when I went to Verizon to get the WWAN card activated, they said the IMEI# of the WWAN card was coded in the Verizon system as only being compatible with a mini SIM card. The VZW rep was unable to provide me with a micro SIM card (which the X1 Carbon requires). I may have just had an idiot VZW rep, but no matter how many times he tried to activate a micro SIM (or even a nano SIM), it failed. He could only activate a mini SIM card, so I manually cut the mini down to micro. Assuming I can ever get the laptop to recognize the Gobi 5000 card in the first place, I may eventually have an X1 Carbon with WWAN... What a total waste of time!

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