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IdeaPad U530 Touch Hinge struck.

Hi guys,

I bought U530 Touch From best buy , new orleans before 4 months. Every thing was great except opening and closing of the lap was becoming tight. i thought its meant to be like that, one day i was opening my lap like always but what i heard was a creak noise and the screen is cracked, the metal hinge joint on the left side was struck its not at all moving it had broken away from plastic side and have cracked the screen where it broke away from lcd side.

The metal hinge is still struck and am not able to move it, its struck at 35* and it will not move.

Pls advise me what i should do, its still under warranty, its definitely not my fault, its the hinge joint that gave up struck. This is my first laptop, feeling so bad, please help me..
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