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X240 Fn-Key not responding


I have the following problem. The 'Fn' key is not working. When I press 'Fn+Esc' to enable the FnLock, nothing happens. But when I switch the 'Fn' and 'CTRL' key in the BIOS, I can press 'Ctrl+Esc' to enable the lock (small green LED on the 'Fn' key is on). But then the 'CTRL' functionality (now on the 'Fn' key) is not working anymore. The shop where I ordered the Laptop already replaced the keyboard but this didn't help. Does anybody have the same problem and can help me?


Thank you.


Additional information:

- I ordered the Laptop in Germany, but with an US keyboard layout (the Shop replaced the german keyboard with an english one)

- I updated the BIOS when I received the Laptop (below the BIOS information):


BIOS Information
    Vendor: LENOVO
    Version: GIET72WW (2.22 )
    Release Date: 03/25/2014
    Address: 0xE0000
    Runtime Size: 128 kB
    ROM Size: 16384 kB
        PCI is supported
        PNP is supported
        BIOS is upgradeable
        BIOS shadowing is allowed
        Boot from CD is supported
        Selectable boot is supported
        ACPI is supported
        USB legacy is supported
        BIOS boot specification is supported
        Targeted content distribution is supported
        UEFI is supported
    BIOS Revision: 2.22
    Firmware Revision: 1.12

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