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Y50: Automatically Turns Off

Hello Everyone,


Im having another problem with my Lenovo Y50 (non touch) laptop. This time, it is turning off randomly. I have installed all the drivers, updated all of them. I'm thinking the laptop could be over heating, which personnally, being a new laptop, it shouldn't be. I have searched the forums but no answers yet to this problem.


It seems that if my laptop is downloading something, it shuts off. I was downloading's desktop app, and steam when it shut off the first time. Now when I download anything, it shuts off. Any suggestions anyone?


Right now, I have set my computer to use Prime96, im going to let it run for 8 hours while im at work.


Could it be that my wireless drivers that could be shutting it down?


Any suggestions are helpful!

Thank you to all


System Specs:

Lenovo Y50 Non Touch

OS: Windows Ulitmate 7 64bit

CPU: 2.8 GHz Core i5-4200H


RAM: 8GB, DDR3L 1600

SSD: 250GB Samsung 840 Evo (installed myself)

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