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Ideapad U310 Motherboard Problems

I have a Levovo Ideapad U310, PN 59351642, 13.3" Ultrabook. When the power button is pressed, I can hear the CPU fan was on but there was nothing on the screen. I verified that the disk is working. I can attach the disk to my external drive and it is working file. I suspect that the mother board is bad. But I need to confirm this before ordering a mother board replacement. There are other components such as the LCD screen or the CPU itself might be bad. When I turned on the power, I tried to enter the BIOS set up utility by pressing Fn-F2 but there was still nothing on the screen and there was no sounds or beeps. I have tried the "onekey rescue" but this also did not work. Are there any other tests that I can perform to be certain that the mother board is bad and all other components are still okay? Any helps / suggestions are greatly appreciated. Ken

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