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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Pre-instaling adware/spam - Superfish - powerd by VisualSearch

Received a y50 5 days ago. 


First thing i done was download chrome and already noticed when i google search, adware adverts appear into the search results.

These are cleverly designed to fit into the search results to make them appear to look normal.


So today i got some time to investigate and narrowed it down to a piece of software called Superfish. I check the install date and ......its the 1 month before purchase when all the other lenovo bloatware was installed.


Lenovo why are you adding adware to your y50 that hijacks search results on any browser ?


is it not enough that customers buy a laptop from you?


lenovo superfish.PNGo

lenovo superfish example.jpgsearch results2.jpg




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