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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Yoga 2 11 shuts down unexpectedly

I'm a little frustrated with Lenovo products lately!  I recently had an issue with the battery not keeping charge/not reporting the right percentage/instant charge drops/etc. so I sent it out to have it repaired.  Recieved it back this morning and now I have another issue!  The laptop unexpectedly shuts down while in use whether connected to the adapter or running on it's own battery!  Let me remind you...I bought this thing 3 MONTHS AGO!  How is it that I'm dealing with all these issues on a brand spanking new laptop?????  Now they're recommending I send it back!  My old laptop lasted for 8 years without any issues and I spend a few months with Lenovo and all I get is crap!  Customer service now says they'll send an email to customer relations to contact me and by previous threads it seems like it's a hit or miss on whether you get a call from them!  I have no idea what to do now...I have no time to send this new laptop back and forth!

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