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Paper Tape
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"Emergency calls only"

Hi, a newbie so I'm not sure this is in the right place - if not, apologies.

I've just bought a new A706 phone.  I'm in Thailand and realise that a lot of IT stuff is not the real thing.  Thats why I went to the Lenovo Thaialnd website and found an authorised dealer to make sure that what I bought was not a fake.  The problem arose after  I'd been using the phone for a few hours - connected to the www, syncd email accounts etc no problem - when without any apparent reason, the screen came up with "Emergency calls only" and a numeric keyboard and won't budge from this screen no matter what I try.  Tried the usual remedies - reboot, different SIM card, etc - to no avail.  I can receive incoming calls but thats it.  Thought I'd try here before I make the trip to the dealer.  Any ideas?  Thanks. 

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