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Blue Screen Again
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IdeaPad Y400 LEFT hinge issue/breakage out of warranty

I discovered back in August that when lifting the monitor up, the bottom chasis was separating from the top. Upon further investigating, I found out that a small silver barrel used as leverage to prop the monitor open had completely SHATTERED. Furthermore, this barrel also served as a "nut" for the bottom screw to attach the bottom chasis to the top. The material has the consistency of nickel and it astonishes me that Lenovo would use such soft metals at a point where there would be the most structural stress.


So I've been researching this issue and it seems that it's ONLY the left hinge that has everyone's laptop in a bind. The problem with mine is that it's is a few months removed from warranty. Prior to purchasing this laptop, I had done a load of research on it and I do not recall this issue coming up. But now that it has happened, it seems to have happened abruptly to a lot of customers. I've noticed that the posts have been popping up consistently since June, July, August, Sept, and now.


What I want to know is if anyone has gotten this common issue fixed? And if so, was it under/out of warranty? And if it was out of warranty, did it cost anything? I certainly don't want to pay for a fix since I truly believe it is a design flaw. I also don't believe it's customer induced since it's NECESSARY TO OPEN THE MONITOR TO USE THE KEYBOARD. The laptop has been subjected to NORMAL USE and it has never been dropped on the ground nor seen agressive movements.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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